Pinsent Masons, one of the world’s leading infrastructure law firms and a specialist in water and wastewater projects, has published the 14th edition of the Pinsent Masons Water Yearbook.

Timely and clear coverage of a complex world

Pinsent Masons Water Yearbook offers a unique review of the dramatic changes that have affected both companies operating in the sector and its investment climate. Drawing from a wide range of sources, Dr David Lloyd Owen highlights companies active in the water and wastewater services sector, and their corporate strategies. This year, the Yearbook takes a further look at the emergence of smaller more localised companies which have stepped in where the major players are less keen to tread, with a focus on developments in Brazil, China, India and Russia. This is the second year in the fourth of the Yearbook’s two year cycle, focussing this year on countries and companies in Asia and the Americas. The 2 year combined cycle Yearbook reviews 173 companies (up from 166 in 2010 and just 70 in 1999) in 33 countries (against 13 in 1999), along with the broader trends that are driving the sector and how companies, institutions and governments are responding to these trends. Next year, the Yearbook will cover Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Asia and the Americas36 countries covered

Pinsent Masons Water Yearbook covers countries where the private sector was or is active or under consideration.

Issues include:

  • Private sector progress and prospects
  • Water and sewerage services – current and planned
  • The presence and performance of local and international companies
  • Information on city services, contracts and privatisation issues.

A Global Corporate Coverage121 Companies covered

Information on 121 private sector service companies is presented including all the identified significant players in Asia and the Americas including fifteen newly identified companies in China, India, Singapore, the UK, the USA, Canada, Cambodia, the Philippines, Korea and the UAE, together with the six major international companies.

Each corporate entry includes:

  • Description of service activities
  • Corporate strategy and alliances
  • Profit & loss accounts
  • International contract details
  • Company contact details

The World of Water in 2012-2013

Data assembled for the yearbook since 1999 is brought together to provide a unique insight into trends affecting private sector participation in water services provision:

  • Companies active in, entering and leaving and sector
  • Company size in terms of volumes of water & wastewater handled and people served
  • Number of people served by country and company
  • Country market development, prospects and prognosis
  • The BRICs reviewed

Leading players by volumes handled

  • 2015 and 2025 PSP coverage forecasts
  • National and international players and strategies compared
  • New sources of data mean that the contract database has expanded from 460 in 2006 to 1,380 identified contracts this year. Specific themes examined this year examine the emergence of local companies willing to address regional issues as the major players focus and fragment. In addition to the 173 companies reviewed in the 2 year cycle of the Yearbook, the Yearbook identifies a further 137 local players, many of which will merit further attention in the future


  • The water cycle and water services
  • Defining the different private sector approaches
  • The private sector and the water & sanitation Millennium
  • Development Goals
  • Glossary of water and finance terms and abbreviations
  • References and further reading

The sector’s one-stop shop

The Yearbook is essential reading for:

  • Consultants
  • Contractors
  • Financiers
  • Regulators
  • Lawyers
  • Manufacturers
  • Municipalities
  • Suppliers
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